Unit 5 - Adding a New Table to SSE & Linking it to the Access frontend

Section 1

Learning Objectives

1. Create a new table using MS SQL Server Express Management Console 2008.
2. Assign a primary key to the new table.
3. Test the new table in SSE by adding some data.
4. Link the new table to the Access frontend.
5. Test the new table in Access by adding some more data.

Learning Activities

Unit 5 - Section 1 - Clarification of Learning Objectives a Activities
Unit 5 - Section 2 - Watch movie of the steps in creating a new table in SSE and linking it to an Access frontend.
Unit 5 - Section 3 - Discussion of issues or problems encountered.
Unit 5 - Section 4 - Record your own movie of the lesson steps and share with the class.
Unit 5 - Section 5 - Summary of Learning Objectives and Activities.

So, let's get started. How do we create a new table in SQL Server? This movie takes us through the steps. If you can open MS SQL Server Management Console and follow along, you will be sure that these steps work. If any step fails - or if you encounter any problems, please note these in the discussion area under the movie.

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